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Learn with Simple Profits Workshops

Learn how to build wedge equity in your business

In our workshops and courses, discover the power of wedge equity and how you can grow it for your business, focusing on the twin levers of brand equity and operational equity. 

Master sales, onboarding, and retention strategies.

Learn how to develop and implement efficient and effective client-facing processes that allow you to grow and manage a solid pipeline. 

Discover how to scale your business system

Learn how to design a well-informed, practical, and realistic Equity Transformation Plan that will help you focus on the specific parts of your business impeding your growth. 

Identify your North Star

Identify your North Star

We’ll help you figure out the “why” for your business and how that flows into your organization’s Vision, Purpose, and Mission. We also help you develop a personal financial plan, so that you know the parameters in which you’re building your business.

Value your Business

Value your Business

We’ll work with you to determine your business valuation today and the drivers influencing that figure.

We help you understand the different methods for valuing a business and which one makes the most sense for your organization.
Transform your Equity

Transform your Equity

Using your North Star Framework and your Business Valuation, we’ll help you develop an Equity Transformation Plan focusing on the areas most important to increasing your business’s value.

Experienced Course Mentors

Our community-driven experiences are led by subject matter experts to teach / train / equip you with the right tools at the right time.

Leverage quality resources shared by the community

We know that no two businesses are the same, and that’s why we offer live experiences. Our small-group format gives you the chance to apply the course concepts to your business in real time, with other investopreneurs excited to help you succeed. 

Learn in community events

Access exclusive events with community members and ecosystem leaders, including AMAs, live podcast events, and hands-on workshops on specialized topics to help you solve the challenges you’re facing in your business.

Network with other investopreneurs, as well as those supporting them, in virtual happy hours, team-building activities, and informal coffee chats. 

Explore our experiences.

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